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          学生 are placed in ability streams and setting is used to enable teachers to teach to the appropriate level. We assess the success that those with special needs achieve by benchmarking against expected progress from prior attainment levels at Key Stage 2. At the beginning of each term parents will receive a curriculum booklet giving an outline scheme of work and indicating how parents can support their child. Every half-term we will send progress grades but if parents have any concerns they may contact the Head of Year or SENCO to arrange a meeting. We work with a range of external agencies including CAMHS (Children & Adolescent Mental Health Service) and various charities. We have an SEN Governor who oversees this area of policy. We liaise with local support services before the end of Year 11, so that a smooth and successful transition is made to post-16 education.  

          学校森和残疾人政策和孙中山信息报告是可用的“关于我们 - 政策”这个网站的部分。




          To view Harrow Council's Local Offer page (information about services for children and young people 0-25 with SEN & Disabilities) click here.


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